Construction Health and Safety Services


Trading as Claire Deacon and Associates we provide the following Construction Occupational Health and Safety Services:

  • Construction Occupational Health & Safety Agent – competent team managing the Health & Safety duties through the design life cycle
  • Developing Construction Occupational Health & Safety plans for Contractors
  • Providing outsourced Construction Occupational Health & Safety Officers
  • Facilitate services and training for CREATE cc with Prof J Smallwood

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OCCUMED - Outsourced Occupational Health and Ergonomic Services

OCCUMED cc is one of the original occupational health service providers in South Africa, practicing since 1994. 
We pride ourselves in a small professional service, placing seasoned, professional Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners (OHNP)
on the clients premises to provide a preventive, promotive occupational health service.

Professional occupational health nursing practitioners are proficient in the specific risks of the particular environment
Adaptable to the specific requirements of the client


We survey or all, or part of workplaces, with the focus on identification of risks within a workplace, and the recommendations
appropriate to reduce risk of injury, absenteeism and disease.  Our approach is to work with the H&S Officer and/or OHNP to
ensure a holistic approach to managing the musculo-skeletal risks that workers are exposed to as a result of the workplace
processes, design and environment.

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