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Retention of Health and Safety Documents

All companies have documents no matter the size of the company. These documents can be divided into a hierarchy and different laws and regulations apply to the retention and / or review of these documents.

General examples of documents would be policies, objectives, manuals, legal documents, and records.

Usually only documents that are regarded as records, need to be retained, as such a document is a seen as proof of an action.

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High Visibility Clothing: Safety From Start to Finish

Traditionally, personal protective equipment (PPE) is issued without much thought or consideration for the safety and health of the wearer.

PPE is not supposed to be provided unless consideration has been given to the type of work, and that the environment in which work is to be done has been assessed and risks reduced.

In the construction sector the requirement to assess the need and effectiveness of PPE is no less than any other industry.

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